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Mass Effect 2: Awesome

June 12, 2010 13:53:37.647

There were parts of Mass Effect 2 I didn't really enjoy - the planet scanning being the main thing. It also took me a mission or two to get beyond how the controls had changed since Mass Effect - but the story was really immersive, and the choices you make during the game impact what kinds of options are open to you later - for instance, if you don't get the loyalty of a character, then the upgrades they have on offer for the ship/weapons/armore just aren't available, period.

In my first game, I got everyone's loyalty except Jack - during the confrontation between her and Miranda, I made the mistake of siding with Miranda. Since I had everyone else locked in, that didn't end up matter much - I still finished without losing anyone.

The end game sets up ME 3 though, and it looks like that's going to be a hell of a tough one. Overall, I think BioWare really has the plot driven RPG thing down. Between the Mass Effect franchise and DAO, they'll keep me happily killing bad guys for a long time. Not only that - I find these games so much more interesting than TV, too. While I love a good story, I like an immersive one I can drive even better.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Mass Effect 2: Awesome

[Henry] June 15, 2010 10:31:45.030

The one place ME2 failed me in regards to immersion, although not exactly unexpected, was the total switch of gears after you jumped the gate.

I think I would have liked it even more if there was some sense of urgency creeping up in the first part of the game, sure, I knew I had to assemble the crew for a suicide mission, but I always felt I was doing so on my own terms, rather than there being an impending doom awaiting if I failed to do so fast enough.

On the other hand, for me, one of the aspects that created alot of the immersiveness in ME2, was the number of references to what happened in ME1, although I didn't really feel they had a big impact.

One game I've played recently which I felt did this excellently, is Alpha Protocol.

hile it has its flaws (camera, stealth imbalance, etc.), the impact your choices during the game has on what happens in later missions was rather impressive.

f you like that kind of thing, it's highly recommendable!

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