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Cry Me a River

June 10, 2010 7:07:00.158

My heart bleeds for poor Zed Shaw:

They have no idea who wrote the web framework they use. They've never met the guy. They could care less about why he designed it one way or another. It doesn't matter because once the programmer was done he wasn't useful. Following his life is pointless because he's poured his life into the software and now they get to keep it. You've stolen his soul like an old sepia tone photo of a Cherokee warrior.

Welcome to reality, dude. Do you know who the designer of your car was? Who designed the LCD screen you watch? I seriously doubt it. Should programmers get more attention? Maybe, but the reality is, outside of the the arts, sports, and politics, there are very, very few "stars" out there. Even in business - beyond Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, only the technorati know who the "tech business stars" are.

Most people labor in obscurity. It's always been that way, and it likely always will be. Put another way: get over yourself.

posted by James Robertson

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