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Mass Effect 2: A Few Complaints

June 6, 2010 21:42:03.617

I've been playing Mass Effect 2 for a few days now - it took me a bit to get used to the changed interface from Mass Effect. The game is much bigger than the initial game, and mostly better. I really only have a few complaints:

  • The new planet scanning thing. Adds nothing to the game, it takes a fair amount of time, and you can't really avoid it. That should be streamlined
  • The whole running out of fuel thing is realism at the expense of game play. Chuck it; It's like narrating a sound sleep in a book.

That makes me sound more down on the game than I am. It's very immersive - much more so than the first game. That's part of why the annoying aspects are so annoying - they take time away from an otherwise enjoyable game. I hope BioWare cleans those two things up for the third iteration.

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posted by James Robertson

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