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Mass Effect 2: A Few Complaints

June 6, 2010 21:42:03.617

I've been playing Mass Effect 2 for a few days now - it took me a bit to get used to the changed interface from Mass Effect. The game is much bigger than the initial game, and mostly better. I really only have a few complaints:

  • The new planet scanning thing. Adds nothing to the game, it takes a fair amount of time, and you can't really avoid it. That should be streamlined
  • The whole running out of fuel thing is realism at the expense of game play. Chuck it; It's like narrating a sound sleep in a book.

That makes me sound more down on the game than I am. It's very immersive - much more so than the first game. That's part of why the annoying aspects are so annoying - they take time away from an otherwise enjoyable game. I hope BioWare cleans those two things up for the third iteration.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Mass Effect 2: A Few Complaints

[anonymous] June 7, 2010 5:25:32.839

I thought so too.

he fuel thingy wasn't that bad (iirc, you get a companion whose special perk is to double double the capacity after a little while).

he scanning almost killed me though, mostly because I'm obsessive about these things, and wouldn't leave until I had every planet in a system depleted... You don't actually _need_ that much though, a more sensible approach might be to not bother unless you need money for the ship upgrades.

t's a shame though, I often skipped landing on planets (some of whom have anomalies, which were cool random events), since that would mark it as visited, and I'd feel obliged to strip it in order to not miss out on resources later on since I wouldn't remember which visited planets still contained minerals :(

Other than that, ME2 was leaps and bounds above ME in playability, wouldn't be the same starting with a non-imported character though. There's soo many small things you did in ME which impact the experience in ME2 in cool ways!

Re: Mass Effect 2: A Few Complaints

[anonymous] June 7, 2010 9:59:34.064

The game is smaller than ME1. Its nothing but one off combat missions.

I think there are far more flaws to this game than the ones you listed, and I thought it was a massive disappointment. Bioware really has got their work cut out with ME3 if they plan to rise above ME2s mediocrity.

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