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Feel the Stupid

June 3, 2010 17:41:17.482

Giorgio Galante has released the contents of the email he sent to AT&T's CEO, along with the audio for the awesomely stupid response he got back. A company with a clue would have had something resembling a response by now, but I guess that's not AT&T.

Looks like they did recognize how bad this looked. Engadget reports that ATT has apologized to Galante:

Giorgio tells us that he's received a sincere apology from an AT&T senior VP, who took responsibility for the mixup. Apparently the cease and desist warning came about due to bad reading of AT&T internal policy -- Giorgio was told the rep who made the call is "not having the best of days today" -- and AT&T tells us it's reviewing its procedures to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Still - I wonder how awesome the next chat between Jobs and Stephenson will be?

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posted by James Robertson

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