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Torrent-Like Flash?

May 19, 2010 16:31:17.000

Looks like Adobe is adding a cool feature to Flash Player 10.1 - torrent like P2P capability in order to take load off central services:

For broadcasters and video services, Stratus has the capacity to eliminate a significant amount of bandwidth costs. Instead of serving the media from a central server, users will provide the necessary bandwidth. Adobe’s Stratus system serves as an intermediary in this process, managing the communications between Flash players much like a BitTorrent tracker does for BitTorrent transfers

That's a pretty compelling feature (for high bandwidth sites), and one that I'm sure will cause a bit of heartburn for Apple in their war against Adobe. HTML5 can be as standards compliant as it likes, but most people care about cost a whole lot more. If this works and catches on, Apple will have an issue.

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posted by James Robertson

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