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Adobe Responds

April 30, 2010 13:12:22.000

Adobe's CEO has responded (in an interview) to Steve Jobs' smackdown:

Narayen didn't offer much we haven't heard Adobe say before, but his frustration with Apple is palpable even in summary form: he called Jobs' points a "smokescreen," said Flash is an "open specification," and further said Apple's restrictions are "cumbersome" to developers and have "nothing to do with technology." What's more, he also said Jobs' claims about Flash affecting battery life are "patently false," and suggested that any Flash-related crashes on OS X have more to do with Apple's operating system than Adobe's software.

The market will figure this out - it's Apple's way, Google's way, RIM, and whatever HP does with Palm. I'd include Microsoft, but they've been fumbling the ball in this space for more years than I can count.

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posted by James Robertson

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