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Remember Your Core Business

February 2, 2010 20:23:23.013

Forrester makes the point that Yahoo and Technorati both headed downhill once they forgot their core businesses and started getting enthusiastic about being "content providers". Is Facebook in danger of going the same way? Well, they are adding RSS/Atom news reader capability to the news stream. Now, this could end here, and be the live "river of news" that Dave Winer always talks about... or it could go down the road to hell:

If there's any risk of the content provider tragedy happening again, someone in the PM team at Facebook needs to speak up now. Why do people use Facebook? To connect with friends. The applications are cute ways to connect with them in more ways than just posting and poking. Anything that interferes with that activity dilutes the core value of Facebook.  (And news feeds aren't the only source of potential dilution, by the way.)

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posted by James Robertson

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