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A Real World Series?

January 7, 2010 10:35:24.865

When I've traveled, I've sometimes had people make fun of the baseball World Series, since, outside of one team in Canada, it's a US thing. Well, it looks like talk are underway between MLB and their Japanese counterparts to do something about that:

In meetings with Japanese commissioner Ryozo Kato in Milwaukee, MLB commissioner Bud Selig proposed that the Japanese and U.S. champions play each other, the Nikkansports newspaper reported Thursday.

That would be pretty awesome, but there are complications. Like, when would it take place? November? If so, it would probably have to be like the Superbowl, played in a neutral location with good weather. You wouldn't want a series between, say, the Chicago White Sox and a Japanese team in the middle of November - you could get snow outs.

If that gets resolved though, it would be really cool.

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posted by James Robertson

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