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Winter in Dallas

February 4, 2011 15:29:47.589

This is very unusual for Dallas - an ice storm is one thing, but having three days of sub-freezing weather (keeping the ice on the roads) followed by a couple of inches of snow? That's weird. Here was what I faced leaving the hotel to get to DFW this morning - bear in mind that there's pretty solid ice under that mess:

I-635 was better near the airport, but here's what it looked like near the hotel:

The airport was no joy, either:

It's not all bad though - I'm catching an earlier flight only because of a delay, so I do manage to get home a bit early :)

posted by James Robertson


Re: Winter in Dallas

[Mike] February 4, 2011 15:50:02.139

So, is driving and taking pictures with your iPhone legal in TX? ;)

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