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They're Back.....

April 4, 2013 11:45:11.504

Oh boy, the 17 year Cicada cycle is arriving again this May. I have to say, I haven't missed them :)

In places where they’re going to be present, it’s going to be spectacular. There could be as many as one billion cicadas emerging per square mile,” Michael Raupp, a professor of Entomology at the University of Maryland, told 1010 WINS


posted by James Robertson


Re: They're Back.....

[anonymous] April 6, 2013 21:18:17.822

One thing I noticed when observing the 3 emergences (1970, 1987, 2004) of the brood here is how much the additions of new housing developments has reduced the size each time. As they clear cut large swaths of trees for those homes, they kill the nymphs underground that are feeding on the roots. So unless you go where there are still old trees, you just do not see that many.

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