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The Downside of Metro

February 24, 2011 21:37:30.681

Today I'm getting the downside of using metro to get to DCA. I use it because parking at Greenbelt is much, much cheaper than parking in long term parking at DCA itself, but - metro closes before midnight on weeknights. Why does that matter? Well, I arranged a 6:30 pm flight tonight, and it was delayed for over an hour. So... I'll be arriving right around the time the system closes. Which means I have to cab it to the metro stop in order to fetch my car.

This is one of the many small annoyances surrounding transit solutions that transit advocates never really get around to noticing. Given the built environment we actually have, it's just not an ideal solution all of the time - and tonight seems to be one of those times. I gambled on the savings, and lost :)

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posted by James Robertson

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