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The Benefits of a Known Platform

February 9, 2010 9:13:53.331

I think the dominance of the iPhone in terms of developer mindshare - as opposed to actual deployment statistics - tells me that having a well known and well understood deployment environment drives things quite a bit. Dare Obasanjo links to these smartphone sales stats:

  1. Nokia: 39%
  2. RIM: 20% (Blackberry)
  3. Apple 15%
  4. HTC: 5%
  5. Other: 21% (Samsung is expected to make a major jump this year)

The more interesting piece of information is this:

According to these stats, the iPhone OS is actually the major source of traffic for the mobile web in most continents except for Africa and Asia.

Which tells you why there's so much focus on the iPhone - for good or ill, that's where the eyeballs are...

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posted by James Robertson

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