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Sometimes You Can't Find What You Need

September 13, 2011 13:19:33.000

Auto-Correct is a great feature in a word processor - but in search, it can sometimes be frustrating. Take Locai's problem in the Android market:

Locai launched their Android app… but even days later, it was no where to be found in the Android Market. After some investigation, Locai found the issue: somewhere on the backend, Google’s Android Market is autocorrecting all searches for “Locai” to “Local” without alerting the user. As a result, would-be Android users just can’t seem to find the app.

That's a facinating problem, and one I certainly don't envy them for. Sure, Google should probably show exact matches in addition to "corrected" ones, but at the same time - maybe the guys at Locai sould have done a bit of research before committing to a name....

posted by James Robertson

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