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Random Thoughts While Flying

January 22, 2010 17:17:57.610

Leaving Seattle and sitting on my flight, a few random thoughts popped up. I

t's nice that the new 737s American has have standard 110V power plugs - but did they have to be so hard to plug into from your seat when the seatbelt sign is lit?

Out jogging yesterday, the scar that is the interstate running through the heart of Seattle really struck me. It cuts the city clean in half, making areas that were formerly easy to walk in a long trip. Seems to me they should have tunneled, or just gone with a beltway.

I saw a brief tweet from Mathew Ingram just before we left - apparently, the new paywall the NY Times is building won't apply to any readers coming in from outside links (like from blogs, or, presumably, aggregators like Google News). So... the purpose is, what, exactly? To punish loyal readers who don't subscribe?

When is going to occur to the TSA that the huge waiting lines they create with the security theater screening process is itself a security problem? Will we have to wait for a someone with a strap on bomb to show up at a crowded airport for them to figure this out?

posted by James Robertson

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