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Poor Service

April 21, 2011 21:00:15.465

My wife has had no joy getting voice activated dialing to work on her new phone (a Samsung Transform running Froyo) - it simply refuses to use the bluetooth headset in a reasonable way. She'll tell it "Call Jim Cell", and it'll prompt her on the screen as to what it should do. Seriously?

This wasn't making her happy, so we headed to the mall to go to the Sprint Kiosk where we bought the phone a few days ago. There was a sign there:

We waited an hour, doing a couple of other errands nearby - the Sprint guy never came back. So now we blew an hour on that, and we still have this crap phone that doesn't do voice calling well. Awesome, Sprint - if you guys wonder why I plan to stay with Apple, you can read this post and ponder it a bit. They might cost more, but the customer service is always awe inspiring

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posted by James Robertson

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