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My Old Enemy, the Oracle Installer

November 8, 2011 19:05:36.205

I remember the hell of the Oracle installer years ago, when I was installing Oracle 8 under Linux. Surely, I though, 11g has to be better under Windows?

Well... not so much. First, it complains about misisng files as you get about 3/4 done. With modal dialogs that have a "continue" option. Awesome, that. Then, it fails to install your database (if you asked it to), claiming that it's missing a default template. remind me what business Oracle claims to be in again?

You can install a db manually, of course - getting prompted with a slew of questions that you probably don't care about unless you're an honest to goodness DBA. Why they don't have an option for "take a all the defaults and just go" is beyond me.

On the other hand, unlike the Linux installer of yore, it doesn't crash multiple times on install... I guess that's progress.

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posted by James Robertson

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