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May 28, 2010 11:02:29.406

So much for Ghost Whisperer:

Not only did CBS cancel what was often Friday night's top-rated series last week, but ABC decided not to give it a shot either. In fact, things have gotten so bad for Jennifer Love Hewitt's veteran series that CBS has decided to can the summer reruns and move the renewed Medium and its reruns into the 8/7C p.m. slot for the summer months.

My wife likes that show, but I think it started to stray when it tried to explain the ghost world too much. Medium does a better job of just working on "if this were possible, how would it play out in the real world"?

So you take the wild premise,but then just run the world normally, but with that premise. Ghost Whisperer tried to do too much explaining. Never mind the killing of the husband, followed by the complete ignorage of his reinstatement in someone else's body, along with the "many years later" trick of having the kid grow up.

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posted by James Robertson

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