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Lost Ends

May 24, 2010 3:05:16.000

With the end of the series, it's time to figure out what the ending meant. From the final conversation between Jack and his father, one possible interpretation is that they were all dead, and this - it was like the final scene from Saint Elsewhere . So let's look at that notion.

The last scene - where Jack is stumbling in the jungle, and falls down - that was right after the crash (in 2004), where Jack has survived, but not for long. Then the camera pans over the crash scene (no remnants of a settlement). So... combine all that, and you get the following:

  • They all died in the original crash
  • Somehow, the people who were brought together in the church at the end had a "shared consciousness" thing going, where they constructed the entire reality
  • Desmond bringing them to the church at the end represented all of them finally coming to terms with their deaths
  • In that sense, the "alternate reality" was simply another escape from what had really happened to them

So... you can go all Matrix on that. There was no boat, there was no magic island, there was no man in black or Jacob. There was just a crash, followed by a collective refusal to accept death - and the series was that set of people living out a different reality than death, with the final episode bringng them to acceptance.

I'm not sure that's how I wouldve gone about ending it, but that's how it went. It was all a dream.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Lost Ends

[anonymous] May 24, 2010 17:24:07.426

Bob Newhart should have been in it.

Re: Lost Ends

[Canol] May 24, 2010 17:52:31.436

From what I understand, all the things happened -until season 6 where the alternative lives started being shown- was real. The alternative lives was not real but an artificial after-life they created in their minds after they die in the island (or beyond the island as in the case for the crew who managed to get off the island with Ajira plane in the end).

So the alternative Jack with his son and Juliette as his wife was happening _after_ he died and closed his eyes.

For the crew who get off with Ajira plane or for Hurley: they died long after Jack died. But they all met in the same alternative after-life. How did they all meet at the same time if some of them died long after (or long before) Jack? As Jack's father said: "Well, there is no 'now'... here."

If my interpretation is true then the finale was pretty bad, because it has not answered most of the questions people had in their minds :)

If your interpretation is true then the finale was again pretty bad because, besides the inadequacy of the director to tell the ending to the viewers, the "they are all dead" thing was the most popular "Lost theory" of all time since the beginning. It was so popular that nobody believed that the writers will end the show in such a cheap way :)

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