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How Dare You Educate People

November 28, 2010 19:29:32.000

The copyright kings don't want you to know just how bogus their claims are - a lawyer who sells a $20 package of "FYI" documents, telling you how to defend against one of the fishing expeditions, is now being sued:

On November 22, Syfert received another email from attorney Jeff Weaver informing him that he had made a formal request for sanctions against him on behalf of the production company behind The Hurt Locker, one of the driving forces behind the USCG lawsuits. Weaver is apparently claiming that the 19 cases filed using the self-help package have cost his firm $5000 and he wants Syfert to pay.

How dare people find an inexensive way to deal with a bunch of overpaid lawyers with way too much time on their hands...

posted by James Robertson

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