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Gemstone Updates

June 11, 2013 13:32:34.833

First big news - Gemstone/S 32 is no longer EOL. It's not being enhanced much (all the work is on the 64 bit rev), but it's a live product still. The older 64 bit rev is - it's stable, with all work going into the 3.x stream they've got out. The latest - is the latest 3.x release, with 3.2 coming out in December 2013. New stuff:

  • OpenLDAP
  • OpenSSL
  • ZLib
  • LiblCU
  • Regular Expressions
  • Support for Solaris 11
  • More MT work in reclaiming sessions
  • More Unicode support
  • New work on the indexing system
  • Improved encryption support, including AES
  • new hot standby support
  • Thread safe GCI support coming
  • Adding some protections against DOS attacks to netldi and stone
  • Improvements to VSD

On the server side, no support changes. Client side, still support latest two versions of Cincom and Instantiations Smalltalks. Licensing - perpetual, subscription was discontinued by VMWare, now coming back. Also have VAR licenses. The free (web) edition is still out, and they intend to make it more fine grained.

MagLev - In "Strategic Planning" mode. No work has been done for 2 years at GS, but there has been work at HPI. To get real, would have to support Ruby 1.9, which is not there yet. The future on this is not clear.

posted by James Robertson

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