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Focusing on the Trivial

May 17, 2010 9:27:46.042

You have to love the deep minds at the MPAA. While other people discuss the actual issues behind US troops being in a war, the MPAA is worried about.... piracy:

Less known are the movie industry’s efforts to clamp down on copyright infringers who are defending their country’s interests on foreign soil. Because the availability of legal movies and TV-shows is limited in countries such as Iraq, soldiers sometimes use BitTorrent to get their fix, or buy pirated DVDs from local sellers. The MPAA is not happy with these defiant soldiers. A declassified document from the United States Central Command shows that, a few years ago, the MPAA asked the military what they do to prevent soldiers from accessing pirated DVDs in Iraq.

Because that's clearly the most relevant issue there - whether some soldier managed to get an illicit copy of "Iron Man".

Every time I think the MPAA can't get stupider, I end up having to expand the definition of "stupider"...

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posted by James Robertson

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