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Flash and IOS

September 10, 2010 14:38:56.000

I think I see what's going on with Flash and IOS - in this story about Apple's about face, note ths paragraph:

Other cross-platform compiler makers had had no such trouble, even during the monthslong stretch when the now-obsolete Apple policy had supposedly been in effect. Both Appcelerator and Unity Technologies, which sell iOS programming tools, stressed on Thursday that developers using their compilers had been able to get ported programs into the App Store since April.

The article also points out that nothing has changed vis-a-vis Flash in the browser; this simply allows Adobe's cross compiler to work. So developers can ship Flash based apps for IOS, but they still can't post Flash video and have it work - because the latter involves downloading code to the browser, which is still a no-no unless said code is Javascript.

My guess then is that Apple realized that they had a stickly legal issue - they were approving other cross compilers, while shoving Adobe up against a wall. That was going to lead to more than just bad PR; eventually, there would have been some kind of legal blowback.

At the end of the day, there's less here than meets the eyes for end users. Flash content is still inaccessible from IOS devices, so the great "Flash vs. HTML 5" battle will rage on....

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posted by James Robertson

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