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Build it Elsewhere, Then License It

December 13, 2010 23:43:27.860

The absurdity of copyright law knows no bounds. After the Supreme Court hung 4-4, with one justice recused, the lower court ruling held:

Omega, of Switzerland, sued Costco for copyright infringement, because Costco was obtaining the watches from unauthorized European dealers that sold them far cheaper than U.S.-based Omega distributors. Omega copyrighted the watch design in the United States by imprinting the company’s emblem on the underside of the timepiece.

So with that, the clear incentive is to produce your goods outside the US, apply copyright via the method used in this case, and then sue all used goods stores out of existence.

You know how software is licensed? If this idea lasts, hardware will go the same way.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Build it Elsewhere, Then License It

[anonymous] December 14, 2010 9:26:48.264

And clothing! No more brand name discounts.

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