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Witch Hunt

September 8, 2010 11:27:48.000

I finished the new Dragon Age: Origins DLC last night (later than I should have; I'm pretty tired now). It was short, but provides an obvious bridge towards the changes that are coming in Dragon Age 2. The ending of the DLC depends heavily on how you've played your character, and how true to that character you decide that you want to play it. The one I imported was in a romance with Morrigan, so I couldn't see my way clear to ending it with a confrontation. That looks like it sets up one possible encounter between Hawke and the warden in the sequel - things could go very differently if you decide to force a confrontation.

I do have to agree with my daughter though - it looks like Witch Hunt would be more interesting if you bring in a Dalish elf, because the setup is dependent on the origin story from that background. So.... Tonight I'll be off creating another character :)

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posted by James Robertson

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