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When PR Gets Behind the Curve

February 14, 2010 18:52:38.780

I ran across (via Twitter) this PR response from Southwest to Kevin Smith (of Silent Bob fame). It sounded kind of defensive, but to get "the rest of the story", you need to read back through Kevin Smith's Twitter feed (going back about 15 hours ago from now). To say that his story differs just a bit from Southwest's is an understatement.

Now, many celebrities have something of an entitlement problem, so this would be easy to ignore - but c'mon, he was flying Southwest, not first class on (insert upscale carrier here). It really does sound like Southwest screwed the pooch, and then ran a complete hack out to make a pseudo-apology.

It's like they got the memo about responding quickly, but lost the part about being genuine...

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posted by James Robertson

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