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WebVelocity 1.1: Cloud Ready

July 30, 2010 20:46:38.550

Michael just announced WebVelocity 1.1 - you can read his entire post for more details, but this bit sets the mood:

We started off chasing the tail of Ruby on Rails but at this point it's futile to compare ourselves to them too. Ruby has never believed in tools — we do, in a big way. Can you imagine writing code in a web browser, running it in a second tab to see how it works, discovering a bug and debugging with edit and continue in your main tab and then having the second tab instantly finish loading as if nothing had ever gone wrong? ... now can you imagine that you don't know how to fix the bug, so you just send the bug over to a friend working on his laptop at a coffee shop and having him fix it in moments?

We'll have an open download available shortly; in the meantime, we have two screencasts:

I'll be redoing all the WebVelocity 1.0 screencasts over the next little while as well.

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posted by James Robertson

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