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WebSockets and Smalltalk

November 2, 2012 11:11:36.588

Looks like the new release of AidaWeb - for Pharo, Squeak, and VisualWorks - is the first place to see WebSocket support in Smalltalk.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: WebSockets and Smalltalk

[anonymous] November 3, 2012 5:22:21.199

Swazoo (together with Aida) was the first one two years ago, now WebClient on Squeak (client only) and Zinc components on Pharo (client and server) are to be included as well. And GSoc project named HMI (Human-Machine Interface) with Amber (by Rustem Khubbatov) also uses WebSockets.

Swazoo already supported earlier version of WebSockets two years ago, here is an anouncement: [link 1]Aida followed soon: [link 2]But we switch-off it soon because WebSockets standard was not yet ready at that time (it has a security hole). Now WebSockets reached a final RFC status, they are supported in most browsers, that was the reason to upgrade and revive support in Swazoo and Aida again.

[1 http://forum.world.st/WebSocket-support-in-2-3beta1-tt3069896.html. ]
[2 http://forum.world.st/ANN-Aida-6-2beta-Mobile-WebSocket-HTML5-JSON-tt3088914.html. ]

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