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Twitter from Smalltalk: Video

April 14, 2010 8:30:12.293

Today's screencast looks at using Twitter from Smalltalk. If you're looking for a particular topic, you can find it with the Media Search application on our site.

Here's the script I used in the screencast after loading the Twitter

"create settings file"
settings := TwitterClient.Settings new.
settings username: 'TwitterScreenNameHere'.
settings password: 'TwitterPasswordHere'.
settings saveTo: 'twitter_settings.ini'.

"get an interface"
model := TwitterModel new.

"get friend updates"
latestUpdates := model getFriendsUpdates.

"get Follower updates"
latestFollowers := model getFollowersUpdates.

"get the current trends"
trends := model getCurrentTrends.
daily := model getDailyTrends.
weekly := model getWeeklyTrends.

"user query"
args := UserQueryArgs new.
args screen_name: 'jarober'.
model showUser: args.

"get direct messages"
args := StatusListArgs new.
args per_page: 100.
model getDirectMessagesFor: args.

"set status"
model setStatusTo: 'From VisualWorks during today''s screencast'.

You can download the video directly here. If you like this kind of video, why not subscribe to "Smalltalk Daily"?

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posted by James Robertson

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