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The MPAA Kills Me

November 10, 2010 9:01:40.175

The endless campaign against the supposed losses from piracy have bitten me. I'm teaching a training class in a couple of weeks, so I wanted to set up an existing LCD monitor as a second screen - the class is being given via webcast, and I wanted the main screen for the slides, and the second screen for watching the class chat channel. Seems reasonable, right?

Well, the copyright posse has made sure that I can't (easily) do that. I have a mini-dvi to dvi adaptor I got with my new 13" MBP. I have an older LCD screen and a dvi to vga adaptor. Seems like it should all work fine, right? Nope - the older plugs have wires to carry analog, and the jerks at the MPAA (et. al.) are convinced that those are only there for nefarious purposes. Likewise, I wanted to plug my mac into the TV via an adaptor I bought a few years back - dvi to s-video. Same problem. In that case, I wanted to stream from a network site to my Mac, and display on the TV. Terrible, right?

Sure, I can buy a new set of cables for all of this, but the reason that I need to is just stupid. I'm not pirating anything - I'm trying to work or display content from a content provider on a bigger screen. Making this harder on me simply makes me less likely to bother.

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posted by James Robertson

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