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The Joys of XBox Live

March 1, 2013 12:15:13.848

You have to love the way big companies operate (other than Apple - the kind of issue I had with MS this morning simply has not happened to me with Apple):

  • My XBox Live automated charge failed - because it tried to use an expired card that I've never been able to remove from the account
  • The email sent me to a billing page, which told me that my Hotmail address had been sending junk mail, so the account was suspended. Which is fascinating, since I don't have a Hotmail account.
  • Then I spent 10 minutes trying to find a phone number on the MS website, after it told me I needed to call.
  • I finally got customer service, and they were able to delete the bad card and get the bill dealt with

This chewed up 45 minutes of my day (most of it on hold). The part I really don't understand is the suspension message, since customer service told me that there was no account suspension. Nice to know that MS can build informative websites....

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posted by James Robertson

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