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Seafox for Seaside

August 2, 2010 22:15:14.626

Joachim wrote about Seafox again - it's an interesting idea: a Firefox plugin (look in the lower right corner of the browser for the icon) that examines the page you're on and drops Seaside code into the browser window for it.

It's a neat idea, but I have two caveats after having given it a brief try:

  • The methods it generates are huge - if you use this, be prepared for some serious refactoring :)
  • Given the wide range of pages out there, YMMV with the results. In my initial attempts, I ran into results that didn't work out

Now, before I end up sounding too negative, it's an 0.1 release, and it's absurd to expect such a thing to handle every web page out there. It's a cool idea, and could give you a nice start from a designer's proposed page layout.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Seafox for Seaside

[Nick Ager] August 3, 2010 15:51:14.382

Hi James,

You're right it's an early release, though I hope there's enough value in it's current form for people to find it useful. I see it aimed at people learning Seaside and more experienced Seaside devs who want to quickly encode some Html. I know when I was learning Seaside it took me time to learn what the html to render method mappings were.

I find it useful - not for taking whole pages but for snippets; say encoding a bulleted list. That said if you're finding it produces spurious results then there's a danger of it doing more harm than good.

Are there particular sites that it fails with?



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