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STIC 2011 Calls for Student Volunteers

November 10, 2011 7:25:43.535

Want a free ride in return for a bit of work?

The Smalltalk Industry Council is currently seeking student volunteers to help keep the 2012 Smalltalk Industry Conference running smoothly. In return, these volunteers will receive free accommodations, no conference fees and time to enjoy the majority of the conference. For those interested, past duties have included handling registration as people arrive at the conference, staffing coffee machines, running the microphone during question and answer periods, assisting with collecting presentation slides for STIC right after the presentation is given, assisting with photos or audio when needed, directing attendees to social events or the next exciting session, being present at an information desk to answer questions and generally being helpful. Student volunteering makes the conference better, takes a fairly small amount of time and doesn’t significantly interfere with enjoying or learning from the conference.

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posted by James Robertson

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