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Podcast Push

April 4, 2011 7:10:15.112

I had intended to put this week's podcast out today, but I think I'll just push it to next weekend, with this week being open. The people who provide the extras - Squeak News, Design Minute, and Jobs Report - were also unable to get me anything, so we'll just wait a week. Stay tuned, and the podcast will return on Sunday. In the meantime, just go grab something from the archives :)

posted by James Robertson


Re: Podcast Push

[anonymous] April 4, 2011 9:48:59.079

I resent "unable", as if I had a choice in the matter. I can't make up the news. There was no Squeak news this week. I would have preferred you said "had nothing for me".

Re: Podcast Push

[Randal L. Schwartz] April 4, 2011 9:49:23.019

And darn it, I forgot to sign that previous item. Need more caffiene. :)

Re: Podcast Push

[James Robertson] April 4, 2011 12:03:11.404

There's no blame here going out - I was unable to find time, even though I had content. If there's blame, it comes back to me.

Re: Podcast Push

[anonymous] April 5, 2011 7:27:18.482

I thought it was Troy that was supposed to get the blame.

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