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Playing Another Way

January 18, 2011 16:00:00.000

I've been doing (yet another) playthrough of "Fallout: New Vegas", which was inspired by my first (basically failed) crack at the "Dead Money" DLC. I went in with a level 30 character, but I had the wrong skills for the DLC:

  • Low Sneak (not upped at all)
  • Low Unarmed (not upped at all)
  • Low Melee (not upped at all)
  • Low Survival (not upped at all)

I was able to get through the Villas with difficulty - my character had high science, speech, guns, and lockpick - none of which were terribly useful out there. There are virtually no guns or energy weapons (the HoloRifle has very little ammo available), so you really, really need to go with unarmed or melee. So.... I started over.

That's been something of a revelation for me. So many encounters have been so much easier with high sneak - even with mediocre weapon skills, I can get close enough to line up and kill without ever using VATS. I expect that I'll get through the DLC much better this time (although I'll have to wait for the PC edition or get my work schedule to support some remote work - no XBox in the hotel). Even with that, it's been a lot of fun to play this way - it's almost like a new game.

posted by James Robertson

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