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Microsoft is the New IBM

June 29, 2011 18:29:09.000

If it wasn't obvious before, their cloud offering makes it crystal clear. This is a company that is headed for a huge fall. I doubt they'lll disappear like DEC, but it would not suprise me at all to watch them become a middling player in the space with declining influence.

Here's ZDNet quoting from the offering:

We encourage you to buy the plan family (Plans P or E) you want to move forward with in the future. If, after purchase, you decide you want a plan from a different family, you will have to cancel your subscription and then buy a different plan (e.g., cancel your subscription to Plan P and then buy Plan E). Please be aware that your data may not be preserved, and you will have to provide sign up information again.

The only signups MS will get is from their existing corporate accounts; no new buyer will be able to figure the plans out.

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posted by James Robertson


No big surprise for VLSC users...

[Henry] June 30, 2011 7:45:41.114

Hah! Have you tried their volume licensing?

Biggest PITA I've ever had to go through to get an easy-to-manage licensing solution...

Once it's there, it's quite ok, but the steps to get there are not well documented, nor is pricing structure.

Does it say you need a middle-man and can't deal with them directly anywhere? No.

Do you? Absolutely.

Does it look like you can avoid it? Enough that I spent many days trying to before giving up.

Once signed, does it work the way it says in automatic emails that get sent out? Of course not.

Not to mention you need a Windows Live sign-in tied to your company for eternity...

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