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Just How Bad is it?

February 10, 2010 12:02:47.967

Most of the local areas aren't even plowing right now - it's cold, the snow is coming down hard, and the low pressure system off the coast is bringing winds at near hurricane intensity to the area. How much snow are we getting? Well:

I live in that 15 inches + band :) bear in mind, the county hadn't cleared al of the roads from last weekend's storm yet. The back way out of the neighborhood was only notionally clear, and up by the local hospital there were still piles in the center of the road, over the double yellow. This part of Maryland simply isn't equipped for this level of snow (and based on averages, why would it be?).

Lots more to come before this is over - who knows when we'll be dug out...

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posted by James Robertson

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