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Join Groups You Never Wanted To Be In

October 8, 2010 13:31:40.000

There's been a mini-tempest over the last couple of days - apparently, anyone can add other people to arbitrary Facebook groups. That sounds like nothing more than an annoyance until you realize that there are some pretty unsavory groups out there (take a look at this post from Jason Calacanis, and this one from Michael Arrington - I'm not going to link to the nasty example they have).

The good news? You can drop out of groups easily, after which you can't be added back to that group. The bad news? It's up to you to ensure that you haven't been added to some unsavory group. Why should you care? Well, employers (and potential employers) are now scouring things like Facebook to get a glimpse beyond what shows up in an interview. Membership in some groups could paint a picture you would rather not have painted - especially if being in that group wasn't your choice.

It wouldn't be so hard for Facebook to move this one level back, and just allow people to invite you to groups instead of slamming you into them.

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posted by James Robertson

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