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If It's Friday, my Flight Must Have Been Delayed

June 24, 2011 23:07:10.756

Well, today's delay was a good two hours - and the excitement didn't end there. The plane stopped short of the runway, the flight deck door opened, and one of the attendants took up a blocking position while one of the crew came out to look at something. A few minutes later the captain announced that there was a bigger gap between the door and the outside than the attendants thought was normal, but he figured it was ok (nervous laughter throughout the plane) - so he said we were going to head out anyway.

That was strange enough, but then a guy walks past me (I was sitting in 8D) from the back, into first class, and goes into the bathroom. None of the attendants take any notice. Ok, fine - up in first, the attendant there is taking drink orders, when suddenly we start racing down the runway, taking her by surprise - she had to sprint back to her jumpseat.

All in all, kind of a strange trip...

posted by James Robertson

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