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Content Kings Want to PWN You

May 27, 2013 19:59:33.797

It's getting to the point where you can't even try to satirize the copyright holders - Cory Doctorow quotes the insanity that they want:

While not currently permitted under U.S. law, there are increasing calls for creating a more permissive environment for active network defense that allows companies not only to stabilize a situation but to take further steps, including actively retrieving stolen information, altering it within the intruder’s networks, or even destroying the information within an unauthorized network. Additional measures go further, including photographing the hacker using his own system’s camera, implanting malware in the hacker’s network, or even physically disabling or destroying the hacker’s own computer or network.

Let them have this, and give the Feds what they want with Calea, and you might as well just get rid of your firewall and port blocking rules.


posted by James Robertson

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