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Apple Pulling a Fast One?

January 30, 2010 13:57:25.438

Apple Seems to be being a bit slippery about the iPad and Flash:

The iPad-Flash disconnect first came to light by way of Apple blog AppleInsider.com. The gang at AI noticed that promotional images posted on Apple's Web site appear to depict the iPad displaying Flash-based content from NYTimes.com.

While they've been verbally open about Flash not being supported, the ads are something else again. While I understand the issues around Flash - bloat, battery drain, etc - the web is what it is, and Flash is a huge part of it. I think Apple is going to have to swallow hard and let it on board.

Update: Apple has yanked the ads in question, and Adobe has gotten desperate.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Apple Pulling a Fast One?

[Rob Fahrni] January 30, 2010 14:01:15.856


It's going to be interesting to watch this play out. You're correct, Flash has become part of the fabric of the web, but like many other technologies the web is evolving to become what we want. Part of that is HTML5 and and effort to allow Flash-like capability to come natively.

I still believe Flash has a place, it's just not embedded in web sites.

Re: Apple Pulling a Fast One?

[W^L+] January 30, 2010 14:18:01.766

On older WinXP machines, I've noticed for some time that a few Flash embeds can lock up the computer to the point of requiring a hard reboot. (I've seen this on Linux, too, but only with alternative Flash players.)

If you did deskside support, like I do, you'd want Flash to die, as quickly and mercilessly as possible. It isn't worth the always-high CPU and RAM consumption. Add to that the buggy player-detection scripts that most Flash content uses, and what you have is a perfect justification for throwing the computer through a window.

With rare exceptions (YouTube, Vimeo, and similar sites), it adds no value to the experience of a site. It slows loading and generally distracts users from the reason they go to a site. (Try running a 50-person office on a shared 6MB DSL and you'll understand how frustrating that is.)

Even Flash-powered 'webtops' (such as Ghost and Lazslo's GoWebtop) are frustratingly slow and unresponsive. This is even true on year-old Vista machines.

I will dance on its grave if it ever goes away.

Re: Apple Pulling a Fast One?

[cdegroot] January 30, 2010 15:00:53.593

I agree with the sentiment of other commenters - HTML5 subsumes flash, and Apple's installed base is now bug enough that it is worthwhile to switch to/support HTML5 just for that market.

Re: Apple Pulling a Fast One?

[John M McIntosh] January 30, 2010 15:30:57.772

My kids say they don't care about flash, since we are out of the USA, no HULA anyway. They say the only thing flash is used for is obnoxious ads and they are much happier with flash free computing.

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