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That Mandatory Kinect is not looking Awesome

January 28, 2014 15:46:10.000

In some recent reviews, it's come out that the next gen release of Tom Raider looks better (and runs at 2x the framerate) on the PS4 (compared to the XBox One). It looks like part of the problem is the Kinect:

To make matters worse, game developers working on the Xbox One are coding with one hand tied behind their backs. Microsoft requires that all games reserve 10% of the GPU’s capacity for the Kinect, even if the game doesn’t use it. That’s split up into 8% for the Kinect video features and 2% for Kinect voice. In an effort to give a boost to its console, Microsoft is expected to issue a system patch that removes the requirement that games save that 8% for Kinect video.

The silly thing about that is how few gamers make use of the Kinect in non-Kinect specific games. Sure, you can issue voice commands - but with voice commands enabled, any talking (or ambient noise) in the room often gets mistaken for a command. Awhile back, my daughter had coversation choices being made for her in ME3 because we were talking about the game as she played. Not cool.

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posted by James Robertson

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