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The Zucker Dead Zone Expands Towards CNN

December 11, 2012 12:53:15.803

You have to love the moves CNN is making - bringing the man who nearly killed NBC on board. Maybe he can finish the job, and leave CNN with even fewer viewers than it has now. This analysis at PJ Media is pretty good, but this quote from Zucker says it all:

We have to remain true to the journalistic values that are the hallmark of CNN, and also continue to broaden the definition of what news is.

Scanning my cable guide, I notice 3 news channels - which means a halfway competent exec should get 1/3 of that audience without trying very hard. On the other hand, there are hundreds - hundreds - of other channels. And Zucker's big idea is to start competing with them? Here's a hot tip: If I want food news, I'll be looking to the Food channel, not to CNN.

Sit back and get the popcorn, and the last guy watching CNN should turn out the lights.


posted by James Robertson

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