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So Much For Convergence

April 16, 2012 13:31:09.462

Never mind the legal hassles Apple is having in Australia over the 4 G thing - the larger issue is that 4G networks around the world are not converging on a standard:

In its grievance, the ACCC has contended that labeling the tablet "iPad Wi-Fi + 4G" in Australia is misleading since the device's flavor of 4G doesn't work in the country. Australia does offer 4G service through its Telstra carrier. But that service operates under an 1800MHz frequency band, according to ZDNet Australia, while the iPad requires 700MHz or 2100MHz frequencies for 4G. Hence, the two are incompatible, leaving Australian 4G iPad buyers stuck at 3G.

There was some hope that going to 4G would "fix" the international standards problem, but apparently not...

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posted by James Robertson

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