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ObjectStudio Demo at STIC 2012

March 19, 2012 11:13:23.745

Arden Thomas (Cincom's product manager) is giving a live demo of ObjectStudio with Dirk Verleysen (one of their engineers) - this is another talk that will play far better on video (once those hit the web) than it will in text :) Basically, it's a quick demo of a simple app for a presumed client (a health/fitness club).

One interesting thing I've run into (doing a screencast, but also in theory looking at our database at work) - the database mapping (old to new) presumes a relatively clean database where all tables either have a primary key, or have some set of columns that can be used as a primary key. I've now seen that in the real world, that assumption doesn't always hold :)

Having said that, the demo itself is pretty slick. Read the datamodel, map it, and then create simple GUI application from all of that. Additionally, a simple web interface got created using AidaWeb, and that looks pretty nice.

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posted by James Robertson

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