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STIC Conference Begins

March 19, 2012 10:29:47.819

After Georg kicked things off with an explanation of the name change, Chris Thorgrimsson - talking about their use of Cairo in their wafer fab software. The explanation of how they did graphics prior to using Cairo is interesting - lots of primitive "stop motion" stuff with CompositePart. They are still on VW 7.4, for reasons that sound very familiar to me - large organizations often have a whole set of constraints on them that aren't related to simple tech issues. Here's a link to the abstract.

They've integrated Cairo right into the VW GUI framework, with views (and eventually, controllers) that slot into the standard VW way of doing things. That included work to bring them into the GUI builder, making them easier to get started with. The layout (transform) editor for these components looks very nice - once the videos for the conference start hitting the web, you should have a look. On that subject, the conference has professional video work this year, so the audio quality should be a whole lot better than it has been in the past.

It's funny that Chris has to defend the use of Cairo, due to nervousness about external linking - people tend to blame any crash on Cairo. I say amusing because there was a perception where I work that any crash (an unhandled exception that brings the app down) meant a blue screen of death at the Windows level.

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posted by James Robertson

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