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The Not So Free Internet

February 19, 2012 13:42:24.389

SOPA may have been sidelined, but you would never know it - DHS isn't happy enough frisking people without cause at airports, they've moved along to shuttering domains without any stated rationale:

The website JotForm.com, which allows individuals to create their own forms easily, has had its main domain, jotform.com "suspended" by the US government, due to "an ongoing investigation." Because of this JotForm is forcing all of its users to change their forms to use their .net domain rather than their .com.

The way this will play out is obvious - internet startups (and existing firms, for that matter) are going to transfer their domains out of the US. It's the only rational business move, given that otherwise, your site could inexplicably go dark. If we stay on this track, the US based internet will end up being a push only, MPAA and RIAA approved dead zone.

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posted by James Robertson

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