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September 7, 2011 18:00:28.000

Pharo is moving ahead, with an assist from Gemstone:

On the Sunday before ESUG (August 21), the Pharo folks started using ss3 for storing their Pharo 1.4 work - SqueakSource had crashed one too many times. Consequently we are resuming work on SS3 and are committed to taking SS3.gemstone.com into production. The warning that packages stored in SS3 will not be preserved beyond the Alpha period has been withdrawn and we have instituted daily backups for the site. We are still in the alpha period, but the basic operation of the site is sound. Tobias Pape has bugfixes queued up for most, if not all of the outstanding bugs and we will be working towards pushing the fixes into production over the coming weeks.

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posted by James Robertson

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