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A Good Question About Xtreams

August 20, 2011 12:24:36.078

I saw this (that link will pass through a small registration UI if you haven't visited the archives before, I think) pop up in the VWNC mailing list today:

WANTED for xtream coolness and usefulness: Xtreams-Grid The delinquent has last been seen on the 11th of July, when he disclosed his shocking crimes. He left his home and went into hiding shortly after. Every hint is appreciated. Please call 1-800-GRID or report here.

While it's amusing, it's also a good question. I saw the grid announcement as well, and then... nothing. I know it's not the developers of that code keeping it quiet on purpose; that's not their style. So it's a Cincom question. Anyone? Bueller?

Update: I spoke to Arden Thomas, CST Product Manager about this. Details here.

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posted by James Robertson

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