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Pharo Going Modular

June 29, 2011 15:42:32.000

Torsten reports on the progress happening in the Pharo Kernel project:

As you may know Pavel is working on Pharo Kernel - a small Smalltalk kernel that is stripped down from Pharo Core image. Meanwhile there is also a 3MB Pharo-Kernel-Gofer image available that has networking support and Gofer (a pharo installer to load packages) installed.
With this it is possible to reload back the various packages from Core image on top of the kernel image. By running the tests afterwards it is possible to check if anything is OK. So far the result is very promising and since all of this is automatically built using the continuous integration server it is possible to control changes and watch progress.

Yet again, interesting work in Smalltalk that isn't really being addressed at the vendor level. All of the really interesting energy is at the open source level....

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posted by James Robertson

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